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The Five Disciplines of FutureOffice Network

The convergence of H.R. disciplines has taken place. We recognize that. We see H.R. management and employee benefits as one, interrelated and managed together, not apart. In fact, managing employee benefits means managing the other four with equal tenacity. We believe the five core disciplines you want from a trusted advisor are: Employee Benefits, Human Resource Management, Employment Law, Compensation Administration and Employee Communications.

Employee Benefits

Benefits represent more than 40% of payroll. Looking at benefits with a larger perspective of how it fits into what your organization is trying to do helps us advice you with greater empathy and precision while producing a price that is sharp and matched to the products you need.

Human Resource Management
Employers can hardly do anything in H.R. unless they have a policy giving themselves permission to do so. Even then H.R. policies must be compliant with a myriad of federal and state laws. It’s extremely litigious and a minefield of risk exposures. H.R. and Benefits are one.

Employment Law

Employment law, whether statutory or common law, is the elixir that makes the other four core disciplines a living thing. Employment law changes how you administer everything else. You want to keep up on this or risk heavy fines of noncompliance. We’re here for you.

Compensation Administration

Compenastion is the single largest budgetary item every organization faces. We help each of our clients every day, every week. We keep you compliant and work compensation strategies that save your organization money while motivating employees to be happy and extremely productive.

Employee Communications

We can help you communicate your strategies and important items to you employees. Our many newsletters help your employees to better understand their benefits and be well-informed about health and wellness topics that are trending in insurance claims.

The Employee Intranet

We provide tools for your employees to keep up on meetings and company objectives. Keep your employees informed with Calendars, Forums, Health Libraries, Benefits online, other employee contact info and much more.

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